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X-mas 3.0

Merry Christmas.  We end another year. A year we should learn from our mistakes and grow. There were those great moments but overall this 2012 was not a successful year.  The country Curaçao was born in 2010 and we were all hopeful. But two years later everybody is disillusioned and we will have to take it from here.  2013 will be a though year because of the adjustment program that a new government will have to implement.  Let us hope for the best. Because is Christmas not all about hope?  Let us try to forget all the purposely wrong doings by many who should have know better.  Let us try to forgive them all the harm and suffering they caused to citizens and the country.

Christmas has changed.  A friends sends me a Facebook message from Ney York.  My daughter and I decorate the tree via Skype.  I have received a soundcard from a friend.  I receive a lot of email of people telling me when they will start again next year.  I will put a message on Facebook. My nieces, who came over from Brussels, to visit their grandparents, play Christmas song from their IPod, connected to small speakers. I write a blog on how Christmas has changed.  Mail a few friends and Skype with a few others. Maybe I will have a guest via Skype at the table.  You can look at things two ways.  It all has become high tech and low touch.  On the other hand it brings people who are far away a little bit closer. But let me be honest, it cannot replace having a loved one present. Merry Christmas.

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