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Goede Consultants

Our mission and vision:

Make people and organizations happy by supporting them to continuously become more efficient, effective and productive.

We are the integrators of people and organization by reflecting in action.

"Globally connected, locally present"

Goede Consultants a Curacao based consultancy, started in 2001 as a spin-off of a Big Five firm. Based on our business model of a virtual organization we aim to provide the same quality of service as the big firms. Through our network we have access to a big group of scholars and practitioners. Our areas of expertise are:

Governance (Corporate and Public)

Strategic Management

Structuring of Organization

Strategic Communication

Public Management


Project Management

Change Enablement (Management)

Board Room Advisory


We advise you on Strategic Issues Management:

Organizational Vision

Geo-Political Impact Analysis

Corporate Governance Issues

Societal Strategy

Assessment of Business Environment

Government Solutions


We are well versed in issues regarding Societal Strategy, Political Strategy, Public Sector Relationship Management, Incentives Advisory Services and Growth Strategy.


Advisory Services regarding Government Administration and Public Policy

Support Services regarding Design, Interpretation and Amendment of sector specific Regulation and Legislation

Support Services in Contract Preparation and Contract Negotiations for the Public Sector, as well as between the Public and Private Sectors

Assistance in the application of Grants and Incentives

Advice on Public Policy Issues affecting business performance

Advice on Stakeholder Issues Political Management Structures and Processes

Business-to-Government Catalyst


We facilitate Societal Strategy, Political Strategy, Public Sector Relationship Management and Incentives Advisory Services.


Public Sector Strategy

Public Private Partnerships

Advice on Public Policy

Advice on Labor Union Issues

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