Miguel Goede 

Curaçao 3.0

Next Edition: 8 & 9 November 2018


"....interconnect subjects, provide a wide scope of corporate governance, trigger the audience. High level approach."

"De praktische voorbeelden die de "trainers" hadden."

"High quality and knowledge level of the trainers, different settings."

"The best aspect is using the trainers who and where in the business as director, RVC or Minister."

"Translation of rules into practice Information about the relationship politics / entities."


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After 101010 a lot has happened. The law Corporate Governance was implemented and has been evaluated in 2016. The "civiele enquête" has come to a conclusion in 2016. The question is what have we learned and where will we go from here? To answer these questions we have invited a unique team of professionals who have been heavily involved in these processes over the years: Anthon Casperson, Neetje van der Veen, and others. Do not miss this unique event and subscribe.

A totally different revolutionary approach, because other approaches took us/you so far.
Especially for people who went to another traditional program and still feel they are lacking something.
This is (re-)fresh. Corporate Governance is not about the rules but about the principles behind the rules. Know the principles and the rules become secondary, because you understand.

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  • Anthon Casperson MBA, CEO of St. Elisabeth Hospital and former CEO of Aqualectra.
  • Neetje van de Veen RA, accountant and former CFO of Aqualectra.
  • Mike Willem, former minister and president of the committee responsible for evaluating the law of corporate governance in Curaҫao.
  • Mr. Michael Bonapart, corporate lawyer.
  • Clifton Walle MBA, member of the supervisory board.
  • Dr. Miguel Goede, boardroom consultant.
  • Drs. Ivan Kuster, Uplifting.
  • Mr. Ruben Suriel, Akshon Sivil.
  • Mevrouw Omayra Leeflang, ex-minister and statenlid.

When and where?

Dates: See heading webpage
Time: 8:00 - 17:00
Location: Lions Dive Hotel
Languages: Dutch, English and Papiamentu

Who should participate?

CEO's, Members of Supervisory Boards, Advisers, Others

Languages: Dutch, English, Papiamentu
Cost: NAG. 1.990
Only 20 participants
You will receive a certificate

We sponsor one Young Professional and one NGO.

In this class we address the following topics:

1. What is Governance?

It's just simple control or grip on an organization

2. Entities and their relations

Supervisory Board


and other stakeholders

3. The multiple-year cycle
The strategic plan and the business plan

4. The annual cycle
The annual plan
the budget
The financial statements

5. The meetings of the Supervisory Board





6. The quarterly

The quarterly reports
The meeting of the Supervisory Board

7. Month, week and day

From governance to management

8. Laws and regulations
The Civil Code and the Code of Good Governance

9. Control and Media
Everything is media nowadays. The media is a battle ground. Social media has changed everything

10. Rotate
It is simple. How to get the annual program and set the appointments.

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The program

Day one

8:00 The Governance Cycle and integrity

10:00 The CEO

12:00 Lunch

13:00 The supervisor/ commissaris

14:00 Value and Norms

15:00 The Minister/ politician

16:00 The results of the evaluation of the Corporate Governance Code 

17:00 Closing
Day two

8:00 The Rules, the law, the code

10:00 The Accountant

11:00 The consequences of the "civiele enquête"

12: 00 Lunch

13:00 Self evaluation of the board

14:00 Corporate governance is communication

15:00 Round Table

17:00 Cocktails

18:00 Closing

During the round table you will put your learned skills at work right away!  You will be the supervisory board of Curacao, Inc.  You will be one of the 20 people who can ask questions regarding the performance, plans etc. This will be a unique experience. 

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