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Masterclass Corporate Governance Post Pandemic

16 and 17 March 2023

We live in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times; VUCA times. It is not only global caused by pandemics, war and other geopolitical affairs, the climate crisis and the energy transition, and technological developments. It is also local. Locally we are going through a prolonged recession and are not able to bounce back from the pandemic that started in 2019 but also the looming actual closing of the refinery, leaving us with mass tourism as the only economic pillar. The strategies for coping with this situation and collaborating with the Netherlands need to be clarified. Many organizations are threatened and personnel is uncertain about their future. Governance in these times means: Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility. This is what is expected from CEO and supervisory board members. This is what our next Masterclass Corporate Governance is all about. Take advantage of this! Register now.

  • How to stay or become successful in a VUCA world?

  • How has the business environment changed?

  • How will the "landspakket" affect your organization?

  • How will the "Caribische Orgaan voor Hervorming & Ontwikkeling" affect your governance?

  • What are the implications of the rulings of the court in cases such as Ennia, BZV, and others?

  • What lessons should we learn from cases such as FKP and CMC?

  • What are the trends?

  • What are emerging technologies?

  • How to redefine your mission?

  • How to shape your business strategy?

  • How to create a new business model?

  • The role of leadership.

  • How to care for people and the planet.

  • The emergence of stakeholder-centered models replacing shareholder centered.

The masterclass is 40 study credits. 

Day 1

08:00 The role of the CEO, Anthon Casperson

09:45 Break

10:00 The Legal Framework and the Lawyer

12:00 Lunch break

13:30 The role of the Supervisory Board (members), Anthon Casperson & Neetje van der Veen

15:15 Break

15:30 The role of the Shareholder, Mike Willem

16:45 Closing

Day 2

08:00 Human Resources and Relations and Corporate Governance, Carla Martina

09:45 Break

10:00 The CFO, Neetje van der Veen

11:00 The Accountant, Neetje van der Veen

12:00 Lunch break

13:30 Opening and Overview, Miguel Goede

15:15 Break

15:30 Corporate Governance and Transition Management, Miguel Goede

16:45 Closing 

We will discuss several documents you can download:

Society 5.0, We and I

COVID-19 and Change

Vision Curacao 2030

Moonshots Curacao 2030

In this unique webinar, we will address these issues.

A totally different revolutionary approach because other approaches took us/you so far.

Especially for people who went to another traditional program and still feel they are lacking something.

This is (re-)fresh; a master class is not a one-time thing. Corporate Governance is not about the rules but about the principles behind the rules. Knowing the principles and the rules become secondary because you understand.

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  • Dr. Miguel Goede, boardroom consultant
  • Anthon Casperson
  • Roald Tromp 1st degree connection1st

    Attorney at Law at Tromp & Partners

    Dieudonne van der Veen

    Founder & Managing Partner at NOVIS INITIIS BV

    Arthur Nivillac 1st degree connection

    Algemeen directeur bij Optima Holding Group

    Michael Willem 1st degree connection1st

    Consultant / Advisor

    When and where?

    Dates: 16 & 17 March 2023

    Time: 08.00 - 17:00

    Location: Villa Mi Kuna, Jan Thiel

    Languages: Dutch and Papiamento

    Who should participate?

    CEO's, Members of Supervisory Boards, Advisers, Others

    From: Curacao, all the Caribbean islands, The Netherlands, Surinam.

    Languages: Dutch, English, Papiamentu

    Cost (incl. tax):

     NAG. 1.750,-

    Only 10 participants

    We sponsor one Young Professional and one NGO.


    "....interconnect subjects, provide a wide scope of corporate governance, trigger the audience. High level approach."
    "De praktische voorbeelden die de "trainers" hadden."
    "High quality and knowledge level of the trainers, different settings."
    "The best aspect is using the trainers who and where in the business as director, RVC or Minister."
    "Translation of rules into practice Information about the relationship politics / entities."

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