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Talk 3.0

Today I sat down with Pim and Marilieke to talk 3.0.  The location was Plein Cafe. They ended up asking what I want to do with the rest of my life.  I told them that it would be nice to have some assignments for clients but that it is not happening up until now.  Now they tried to explain to me that it would help if I would tell my persona lstory.  The story how it felt to be abrupt and unjustified fired by a politically appointed supervisory board. What that does for your career, your family, your parents.  How you find out who your true friends are. How it feels to be in court for two years. How it is to have no income. How the bills of the lawyer accumulate. How to it feels to wake up in the morning and write my blog 3.0. How it feels to have a PhD and no job. That your friends are now minister and they do not call you. They say that people will be more understanding, sympathetic and more willing to help me get an assignment. My current blogs sound too arrogant and people think that I must be very well off to write like that.

After lunch I had a talk 3.0 with Dick in the same place.  He listened.  I told him that I would like to talk 3.0 with desicionmakers of all walks of life and discuss with them 3.0 solutions for their problems. How to use ICT solutions, especially Smartphones to create new business models.  He thinks it can be done.

You know Marilieke, I do not think I will do it. For now I will have my daily talk show on Z86 from 15:00 till 17:00 for 12 weeks.  I am happy that Augstin and Richard won their case.  They are only a few of the many other CEOs who are haunted by a political regime, who send the country in to bankruptsy. 

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