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Without a Shared Vision, Everybody Freezes

Without a Shared Vision, Everybody Freezes


July 7, 2024


It’s school vacation, soccer season, and the Olympics are about to start. The heat is intense, and hurricane season looms. This explains why there’s a feeling of stagnation, a sense that nothing is happening or that we’re unsure of our role in the grand scheme. However, upon closer inspection, significant developments are underway: the refinery is set to reopen, the harbor is gaining a strategic partner, the Plaza Hotel’s construction is progressing, and the Courtyard has opened.


How do we reconcile these two realities—that nothing and a lot are happening simultaneously? The key lies in understanding the concept of "bubbles." You're out of the game if you're not in the bubble where the action is. This bubble existence indicates a lack of general interest and a shared vision.


This lack of a shared vision freezes progress. Individuals and organizations struggle to anticipate and contribute effectively without a common direction. At the root of our issues is a group of individuals prioritizing self-interest over the community’s well-being. Their self-serving behavior hinders progress, as they play for personal gain rather than the collective good. Consequently, our nation suffers, making us the poorest country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Our best chance for progress is to create a shared vision from the bottom up. While joining the self-serving individuals might seem rational, it only solves the problem for the individual, leaving the nation in the same dire situation.


A significant issue is that consultants who understand the general interest often aren't hired because the demand is for knowledge that serves personal or group interests. This puts consultants in a dilemma—should they join this self-serving system or not? Unfortunately, it often seems like only a matter of time before a consultant feels pressured to compromise their principles.


This predicament stems from a belief in the trickle-down economy, which has turned millionaires into billionaires and the working class into the working poor.


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Miguel Goede

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