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To understand that the newspaper is a daily masterclass, you should attend the masterclass by the University of Governance 5.0

To understand that the newspaper is a daily masterclass, you should attend the masterclass by the University of Governance 5.0

July 7, 2024

Every day, the newspaper is a masterclass governance, but some days, it is a super masterclass. Like the AD of July 6, 2024. I will mention several articles:

1. Totale kosten HNO duister - Total costs of HNO remain unclear.

2. Meer vrouwen afgestudeerd aan UoC - More women graduated from UoC.

3. CMC en minister ‘nog in gesprek’ - CMC and the minister are ‘still in discussion’.

4. Saneringspakket lijk ‘ongelijk’; SER: Belastingmaatregelen begunstigen selecte groep - Cleanup package seems ‘unequal’; SER: Tax measures favor a select group.

5. Valsheid en opzet zijn gegeven; Gerecht staat uitvoerig stil bij valsheid in geschrifte Tromp en Lourents - Falsification and intent are a given; Court extensively discusses forgery by Tromp and Lourents.

6. VKC-leiding ontkent ‘foute’ benoeming - VKC leadership denies ‘wrong’ appointment.

7. Shaker wint Leadership Award - Shaker wins Leadership Award.

8. Directeur Hodge weg bij VBC - Director Hodge leaves VBC.

9. Gezondheid ontaalbaar? Niet als Nederland meedoet - Health unaffordable? Not if the Netherlands participates.

10. Minister Cijntje weer in opspraak - Minister Cijntje in the news again.

The art is to see the relationship between the articles, read the trends, draw conclusions, and know how to focus the vision, assess the strategy, and implement; plan, do, check, and act (PDCA). This is just a selection of the articles; I cannot ignore that it is about governance in practice.

What is the narrative? We are in a governance crisis, manifested in a crisis in the healthcare system. Due to poor governance, we built a new hospital that is not sustainable. The parliament investigated how this happened. Some propose that the Netherlands should step in and finance our healthcare. Meanwhile, the hospital CEO is not fulfilling his contract, and we are looking for a new CEO.

Meanwhile, the next generation is graduating and preparing to take over for the future. We should be worried because they are being educated in institutions and a society that does not set the right example. According to the SER, the young minister of finance is not setting a good example, nor is the young minister of economic development. They did not get the exemplary instance from central bankers and other bankers. This is not a local trend but a global trend.

However, we read that there is hope, and the system is correcting itself. People are taking responsibility and stepping back from positions after they make mistakes. Social media (activism) and court rulings play an essential role in this. They are discussed on social media before and after taking cases to court. It is noticeable that they are male at the dawn of their careers.

If you want to know more in-depth about what is happening, attend the masterclass. Register:

Miguel Goede

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