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The Rise of Dissidents and the Defense of Democracy

The Rise of Dissidents and the Defense of Democracy


March 25, 2024


Reflecting on President Putin's reelection on March 17, 2024, we cannot help but draw parallels with Xi Jinping in China, who has also extended his power. Surprisingly, it has yet to garner much attention in the local media. However, this is an underestimation of the situation because what we are witnessing is the consolidation of power by authoritarian leaders worldwide. Perhaps the terrorist attack in Moscow shortly after that played a role. However, there may be a connection between the elections and the attack. It underscores the urgency to defend our democratic way of life.

I, for one, cherish my freedom of speech. However, we see power struggling with dissent even here. Allow me to explain: If democracy is a railway, it cannot be safe without dissenters. A staircase without enough steps or railings is perilous. Thus, dissent is essential for stability.

In times like these, it becomes imperative to defend democratic principles. We must safeguard the rights and freedoms that define us. The ability to express dissent without fear of reprisal is fundamental to democracy. Without it, we risk sliding into authoritarianism, where voices are silenced, and freedoms are eroded.

Every citizen has a responsibility to uphold democracy, to question authority, and to hold leaders accountable. Only through active participation and a commitment to democratic values can we ensure a future where freedom and justice prevail.

Let us remember that the strength of a democracy lies not in its leaders' unchecked power but in the voices of its people. It is time to reaffirm our commitment to democracy and defend it against any foreign and domestic threats.

Miguel Goede

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