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Category 2

Dissent is Democracy

June 28, 2024

Once upon a time, Curaçao's airport was a Category 1 airport. That was 14 years ago. How did we get downgraded to Category 2? The top officials of the Department of Aviation perished in an earthquake during a business trip to Haiti. Their entire system was stored on their 'biological hard drive,' and with their passing, all that knowledge vanished in an instant. Since then, despite all efforts, including hiring expensive experts from both home and abroad, we have not been able to meet the requirements for Category 1 again. This downgrade has led to increased safety risks, decreased efficiency, and a loss of trust in our aviation system.

This situation highlights how we set up and manage organizations. It's completely unsustainable. Furthermore, it shows that we apparently are incapable of reconstructing a system. This is puzzling because I know three top-quality systems experts who, I am certain, could bring the organization back to Category 1 level within two years. There is hope for change, and it's within our reach. It remains a mystery to me, and I think to others as well. Meanwhile, we continue to muddle through, and the story remains the same. And I know it is probably more complicated than this.

Miguel Goede

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C. Belfor
C. Belfor
Jun 28

The Government of Curaçao and the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) are committed to promoting a robust aviation sector. This commitment is evident in their efforts to adhere to strict safety protocols, which not only align with local and regional standards, but also contribute significantly to the global aviation safety landscape.

By putting safety first, they set a standard for the Curaçao aviation industry and ensure that the airspace remains a domain of opportunity and safety for all.

It is important to underline that the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Program (USOAP) and the FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program (commonly referred to as Category 2 level) do not target individual service providers, such as the airports, and do not…

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