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The Lie Rules

The Lie Rules

June 30, 2024

I Received This Article from My Friend Paul Comenencia from The Hague: "DE LEUGEN REGEERT – EN HET LAAT NEDERLANDERS KOUD"

The article could easily have been about Curacao. Topics such as: beyond shame. Bringing down the cabinet over non-issues. What was once considered impossible is now seen as typical. The naivety of anti-populists. Notorious liars. Self-interest over public interest. Lying has no consequences. Colorless politicians are building their resumes. The voter, mentally infected with neoliberal thinking, thinks just like the politicians.

These issues resonate deeply with our situation here. We, too, face a political environment where deception seems to rule without repercussions. The normalization of what should be unacceptable is troubling. Politicians prioritize their personal gains over the common good, and the electorate, influenced by pervasive neoliberal ideals, often aligns with these self-serving agendas.

It's a stark reminder of the challenges we all face in fostering a more honest and accountable political culture. Both in the Netherlands and in Curacao, there is a pressing need for transparency, integrity, and a renewed focus on the collective well-being of society. We all have a role to play in this.

Miguel Goede

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