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Suddenly everything became transparent

Suddenly everything became transparent

The bike rider Lance Armstrong admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. It became clear that matches were fixed in European soccer. There are clear indications that World Soccer Championships was both by Qatar. Scandals in the Catholic Church were reveliled. Many cases of political corruption came to light. What is happening? It looks like a party where for a while all lights were off and after awhile suddenly went on again. Now suddenly we see people in a weird position. What happened? After think a lot about these events, I came up with the following interpretation. First of all, because of the development of technology and social media, the technology is available to expose corruption and other unethical behavior. The success of Wikileaks also stimulated this. This might explain why so many people were caught in a wrong position when the lights went on again. Why were they in a bad position in the first place? I believe that it is because in the years of neo-liberalism during which people like Alan Greenspan believed that the market would govern itselves. This was not the case. There was not enough control and supervision. This led to excesses and greed, leading to the global financial crisis in 2008. I believe that after that, there came an increasing demand for transparency. Those who are caught in the wrong place in the wrong position are guilty but also the victims of a permissive climate of those days. Now is the time of a moral revival. Those who are in the wrong spot but still have not been exposed are in a uncomfortable position. I can understand that some organization adopt a policy that gives people to confess and come clean. The world demands more ethical leadership.

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