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Navigating Political Disarray: A Personal Perspective 


Navigating Political Disarray: A Personal Perspective


July 10, 2024


Lately, I have been feeling a strong sense of reluctance to write about our current political situation. Yet, I find myself compelled to do so, mainly because I need to step up to address these issues.

I recently overheard Minister VVRP stating that the Parliament (Staten) and others have no say in the refinery deal, as it’s solely between two private companies. This revelation was quite disheartening, as it seems to undermine the very purpose of our democratic institutions.

Adding to the absurdity, the Minister of OWCS declared on social media that only perfect people have the right to criticize him. This statement struck me as incredibly arrogant and out of touch with the principles of accountability and transparency essential in public service and democracy.

For nearly four years, our Prime Minister has repeated that his mother taught him men should not talk much, and he has certainly adhered to this advice. However, this silence feels more like an avoidance of responsibility than a sign of wisdom.

Then there is the Minister of MEO, who, from abroad, asserts that the accusations against him are false, insisting he has never touched or mistreated anyone. His defense from a distance only adds to the sense of disconnection and evasion prevalent among our leaders.

It is challenging to track who is present and accountable, as many seem to operate from outside the country. This contributes to a growing impression of leadership that is not only physically absent but also needing more commitment and competence.

The Prime Minister is the leader of the country and should communicate a vision and a direction, constantly explaining where we are and where we are going so we can align our own actions and contribute to the whole and our own well-being. This is now impossible. Without clear communication and leadership, citizens are left in the dark, unable to contribute effectively to the nation’s progress or their own prosperity.

These instances paint a picture of politicians who seem utterly clueless about their duties and responsibilities. Yet, it's worth remembering that the people elected these individuals. It's a sobering reminder of the importance of informed voting and the need for greater public engagement in our political process.

As frustrating as it may be, we must remain vigilant and demand better from those in power. Our future depends on it.



Miguel Goede

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