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Dissenting the Gaza Narrative

Dissenting the Gaza Narrative


May 25, 2024


One of my favorite articles in Vrij Nederland is always the column by Carl Peeters. However, I'm apprehensive about Volume 2 of 2024. It concerns the war in Gaza (Peeters C. , 2024). I wonder if the term "war" even captures the situation anymore. Previously, I wrote that I could not bear to comment on how human lives are being treated there. Gradually, awareness is dawning, and countries are beginning to recognize the Palestinian state. Sometimes I think it's a little too late.

But what does Peeters write? He notes that the German-Jewish thinker Constantin Brunner predicted as early as 1937 that the Zionists would eventually seize the land from the Palestinians. Peeters states that Brunner argued that the Zionists should have assimilated, but instead, they began to act and define themselves as a distinct race. Brunner, who had no affinity for religion, advocated for a secular Christian democracy. Peeters refers to what is happening in Gaza as "landjepik," a term that translates to "land grab." I hesitate to use the word, but the term "genocide" keeps pressing itself upon me.

In discussing these topics, it is crucial to remember that dissent is a cornerstone of democracy. It allows us to question and critique actions and policies, striving towards justice and humanity. While recognizing the Palestinian state by various countries is a positive step, it underscores the importance of timely intervention and proactive diplomacy. We must continue to speak out, even when the words are difficult to utter. We hope to foster a world that values human life and dignity above all else through open dialogue and dissent.


Miguel Goede

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