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Dissent and Democracy: Speaking Up for Traffic Rules

Dissent and Democracy: Speaking Up for Traffic Rules


February 11, 2024


On my way home in traffic, I find myself on a priority road when suddenly a woman forces me to yield by blocking my passage against traffic rules, placing her car on my lane to see if she can compel me, the oncoming driver, to stop so she can proceed. The irony is that everyone understands this behavior; otherwise, she could have waited for a long time. Whenever this happens, I'm greatly bothered by it and nonverbally question such drivers why they don't adhere to traffic rules. This often leads to a discussion in the car between my wife and me. She believes I shouldn't speak up and just let it go. Today, I explained to her that I'm not doing anything strange; as a member of society, I try to uphold the rules, and everyone should do so consistently and everywhere. The problem is that nobody dares to correct it anymore but still hopes that rules will be upheld. I believe this is also a form of dissent in a democracy. If we don't keep speaking up, things will fall apart. Democracy isn't for fearful, complacent people.



Miguel Goede

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