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Caracas 2.0

On Saturday 16 March 2013 an article my book “Curacao 3.0” was published in the newspaper Amigoe. I received many good reaction and of course some personal and negative ones. In the evening, Dick also called and he told me he also received positive feedback, but what he told afterwards was fantastic. He had traveled to Caracas on 5 March 2013 to cover the story of the dead of President Chavez of Venezuela. Inspired by what I read in my book, he posted on his Facebook wall a question. Who in Caracas can assist me? He received a response from a young man and his girlfriend. He never met these people. He checked the mutual friends on Facebook, and he called one he knew well personally. This friend assured him that this man in Caracas used to be an old neighbor and that he was ok. So when Dick arrived he was welcomed by his new friend who took care of him for four days. This included his personal safety and getting him on the relevant locations and getting interviews and some translation by his girl friend. This is just another illustration that 3.0 is a reality. But he also told me that Caracas is a very 2.0 environment. Even more than Curacao. I think that he is right. Venzuela is too much based on the 100 old oil industry and caught up the ideological war between capitalism and socialism. But still the number do not lie. Venezuela is making progress in narrowing the gap between the “haves” and “haves not”.

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