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Budget 2013 is 2.0

I have respect for the Ministersp of the government.  But not for the coalition supporting them. I consider these members of parliament the cause of the crisis the country faces.  Having said that, I find that the budget lacks vision and creativity. For example raising sales taxes on  computers is unbelievable. It indicates that there is no vision on Curacao 3.0.  The economic policy is a summary of economic projects and facilitating these investments.  After my critique the raise of tax on computers is drop.  Also some remarks on science and higher education were added.

I would have expected the ministers and members of parliament to reduce their salary by 10%, just asPrime Minister Eman did a few years ago (http/,Accessed on 19 January 2013).  The civil servants to contribute and the raise the profit tax and not only the sales tax.

The budget is not story how this small nation is going to make it and stand tall in this global world by creating a creative economy enabled by technology and driven by a creative toleranttalented population.  I have heard nobody talk about the reinstallment ofal the wrongfully fired talented persons who can solve a number of problems over night.

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