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Ik heb al enige tijd staan dat ik het moeën hebben over vertrouwen en mindset 3.0. Steeds kwamen er andere gedachten. Op 26 april 2013 plaats Orlando een TEDx praatje over trust als nieuw betaal middel. Ik verwijs hem naar Curacao 3.0. Maar herinner me ook aan het boek van Covey uit de collectie van Wim de Vrijer. Ik heb eerder dit citaat op mijn Facebook wall geplaatst.

"I approach this strategy primarily as a practitioner, both in my own experience and in my extensive work with other organizations. Throughout this learning process, have identified 13 common behaviors of trusted leaders around the world that build -- and allow you to maintain -- trust. When you adopt these ways of behaving, it's like making deposits into a "trust account" of another party.

1. Talk Straight

2. Demonstrate Respect

3. Create Transparency

4. Right Wrongs

5. Show Loyalty

6. Deliver Results

7. Get Better

8. Confront Reality

9. Clarify Expectation

10. Practice Accountability

11. Listen First

12. Keep Commitments

13. Extend Trust

Remember that the 13 Behaviors always need to be balanced by each other (e.g., Talk Straight needs to be balanced by Demonstrate Respect) and that any behavior pushed to the extreme can become a weakness.

Depending on your roles and responsibilities, you may have more or less influence on others. However, you can always have extraordinary influence on your starting points: Self-Trust (the confidence you have in yourself -- in your ability to set and achieve goals, to keep commitments, to walk your talk, and also with your ability to inspire trust in others) and Relationship Trust (how to establish and increase the trust accounts we have with others)." (, Accessed on 26 April 2013)

Curacao is een samenleving van veel onderling wantrouwen. Dus we passen het recept van Covey niet toe.

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