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Families will spend more time at home because we will be working more from the house and also learn more from the house. There for we will have differen requitrement for the house but also for the neigborhood. Ther will be more facillities in the neighborhood and we will have a closer relationship with the neigbors.

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This book is on an Uthopian Small Islland Development State (in the Caribbean). It covers: The individual The family The education The neigborhood Living Work Governance This Uthopia is powerd by info

Even institutions like The Economist are concerned about the lack of jobs in the future due to the progress of technololigicale developments and the implementations of these.

I admire does who talk about the future with conviction, because the future is unknown. Someone said the best we to predict the future is to create it. I do not know. The future has changed. The chang

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