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K-Zone the engine of 3.0

There are developments that indicates that there are conditions present to develop a knowledge economy, an ICT sector.  Soon Ctex will be operational. Ctex is a data center.  It will offer cloud services to the world. It will be one of the best facilities in the region. It is located close to the airport.

There is a Knowledge Zone (K-Zone) defined from the airport to the downtown area, Otrobanda.  At the K-Zone organization connects and seek cross sectoral innovation.  This connection is via ICT but also face to face.  It is an area where the creative class meets and socialize. They share ideas and innovations result.  The area appeals to the global creative class. They communicate via internet and fly in to meet face to face.

Curacao is a SIDS. Small Island Developing State deal with diseconomy of scale and are fragile.  They have to face climate change.  They have similar  challenges. Curaçao can become the model for Caribbean SIDS and a center where the best practices are documented and shared with the SIDS community.  The Caribbean community will fly in to share knowledge in de K-Zone.

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