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Things are going well in Curacao (?)

Things are going well in Curacao (?)

Last week a UNESCO guy was explaining how unique it is that we speak four languages.

Mr. Kabbara was on CNN promoting Curacao.

The International Film Festival started on the island.

Solar panels are coming, new hospital is coming. We are removing flouride from the drinking water. We are restructuring healthcare and the pensions. We have a new tax system.

There is no denying, things are moving on the island.

But.... It is like baking a cake. We have all the right ingredients, but if you do not follow the recipe, you’re not baking a cake.

The problem is that a lot is happening but there is no total shared vision and strategy. Movement is not the same as progress. To have a shared vision we need to come together and communicate. And for the last couple of years we are not including eachother, but excluding.

Curacao needs a storyteller who gives meaning to events that are happing. Who explains how the vision is unfolding. But a storyteller has a story to tell, if you know what I mean. Storytelling is the ability to share a vision. It is the ability to create a narrative, a sequence of events told to convey some message or meaning. Storytelling uses words and images to transport the listener from one place or time to another place or time, including some time in the future.

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