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The notes for my End of the Year Interview

There were many elections in 2012.  The Netherlands, Venezuela, United States and Curaçao.  It was also the year of the world financial crisis.  It was also the year of social media. Times have changed.  2.0 is not susianable, we must create 3.0. The trust in politics and democracy is very low. What is the cause of this change? The system crashed as an effect of human behavior based on a set of sellfish values. This crisis is illustrated by the Euro crisis.  The situation in Greece. The unemployment of 25% in Spain. The most dramatic change is not the financial and economic crisis but the climate change. This is illustrated by the super storm Sandy that hit the west coast of the United States. Best moments of the year? Time spent with my wife and kids. How will you remember 2012? It was a turbulent year. I am afraid that the London Olympics were not that special. Maybe because our flag was not allowed by the IOC. Man of the year for better or for worse: Gerrit Schotte. He left the country in pretty bad shape. The public finance are shambles. The economy is in bad shape. All institutions, even Parliament are weakened. Another incident that will not be forgotten very soon is the oil spill affecting the conservation area near Jan Kok. Hero of 2012? Still looking for for the hero. Others suggest Governor Goedgedrag. Others suggest Mr. Cleopa and Mr. Rozier.  For me they were all a little to late. Although I have all respect for the Governor for the way he handled the consitutional crisis. Other suggest the Prime Minister of the Interim Government. A memorable event was the third North Sea Jazz Festival. The villain of the year 2012? The leader of the PS political party and the former leader of a union who now is a board member.  He watched the other way when politicians and other were destroying the country. He divided the country and wasting the people's time and money. Expectation for 2013? It can only get better. What are the business opportunities? People need to develop new concepts, new models, new markets.  Make use of the internet to reach other clients. What are my plans for the future? Consult people and organizations to get to level 3.0, the Information Age. The Indistrial Age 2.0 is gone. What are you not looking forward to? The movie of Tula.  Why? Tula is misused to enslave people mentaly. On the island we ignore the real problems by reinterpretating history. What is my whish for 2013? All our dreams come true.

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