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Sustainable Development and SIDS; The Grassroots

Grassroot organizations play an essential role. Citizens detect issues and via media, nowadays especially social media and political mechanism put issues on thepolitical agenda.  But also resolve issues directly by executing campaigns, projects and other direct interventions.

The balancing of the three Ps should start at an individual level (Goede, 2011, Golob etal. 2011, Stiglitz, 2011). This means that education should train people, especially the training of the next generation, to focus on this balance or new system of values and norms. I already referred to the EDS and the decade of education that will end in 2014. In the recent past the emphasis was on the neoliberal market. Business schools must be transformed from temples of neoliberalism to centers for sustainable development (Goede, 2011; Adams, 2011; Metze, 2011).

It might be overlooked that adapting to the consequences of climate change is equal to poverty reduction.  For example by introducing better education, better agriculture techniques.  Change the way people cook, one is helping people adapt to the consequences of climate change (Richards, 2003).

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