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Sustainabale Development of SIDS on the local level

The specific problems manifest local, on the national level and should be resolved at the national level.  The National UNESCO Commissions (NUCs) fulfill a key role in translating the global agenda to the local level and vise versa.  In Curacao, the keyperson is Mrs. Marva Brown.

A major governance issue is to deal with the consequences of the fact that climate change is still not a priority with public and leadership.  The islands have formulated National Climate Change Adaptation Policies and Implementation Plans using the UN Framework Convention guidance for preparation of National Adaptation Programs of Actionand are now linking these plans to their resources and risk management policies. The CARICOM fulfills a vital role by creating structures and programmes to deal with climate change and sustainable development. The challenge is that not all SIDS are members of the CARICOM. The fact is that all this does not automatically lead to action. Leadership is required (Pulwarty, Nurse,Trotz, 2010).

The natural tendency of government is to delay action, to avoid antagonizing influential groups. Climate change policies affects established interest.  To address climate change means altering theway things are done today. “Climate change management requires governments to take an active role in bringing about shift in interest perceptions so that stable societal majorities in favor of deploying an activate mitigation and adaptation policy regimes can be maintained. Measures to help effect such change include: building coalitions for change, buying off opponents, establishing new centers of economic power, creating new institutional actors,adjusting legal rights and responsibilities, and changing ideas and accepted norms and expectations.” (Meadowcroft, 2009)

Others suggest partnerships, especially Public Private Partnership (PPP) involving foreign partners, as a form of governance toward sustainable development (Chan, 2009).

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