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Bob Harms, chief editor Telecuracao once wrote on my FB wall the following remarks. My reaction today: "No comments".

Bob Harms Read it.

I'm afraid its, in any case regarding PS and the media, a tad more complicated than presented. Little credit is given to media personnel who, despite all the shortcomings elaborated on by you in an earlier blog, day in and out, and against incredible odds try to present balanced news to the best of their abilities. I have been away from the Curacao press for nearly 12 years. The stories and practices by especially the PAR I am nowadays confronted with does make the practices you described by the PS pale in comparison. Believe you me my friend!May 24 at 6:33pm ·

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Bob, read my next blog. You should read my whole serie on populism. It would help if you were specific and give me a reference...May 24 at 6:39pm via mobile ·

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‎Bob Harms, and I am balanced:"The PS correctly referred to cases from the recent past where media personalities had been fired be cause they sympathized with the opposition, and nobody had protested then."May 24 at 6:47pm · Like

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