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Kapitalisme 3.0

"Waiting for 3.0

Let’s summarize the history of capitalism thus far. Since arising in the eighteenth century, capitalism has changed the face and chemistry of the earth. It keeps doing so, despite signals peril, like a run away steam engine without a governor. It has built mountains of private wealth, but much of that wealth was taken from the commons, and a great deal of it adds little to our happiness. Its main actors, profit-maximizing corporations, are essentially out of control, and the fruits of their exertions are dispensed in a highly unequa lway. Why does surplus capitalism behave this way? It’s possible that we consistently hire bad CEOs, but I thinkotherwise. I think it’s the operating system that causes most CEOs to act not with the next generation, but with the next quarterly statement, foremost in mind. This suggests that, if we want to change the outcomes of Capitalism 2.0, we have to upgrade its operating system."

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