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Governance of political parties

There is much buzz these day on the topic of governance of political parties worldwide. Politics has changed because society has changed.  Society has changed due to ICT.  Information is 24/7. Information has become two way communication.  Communication is real time. This created a new dynamic in what was called mass media.  For some reason demographics are more relevant than ever. Voters are more foot lose, floating.

Political parties must adapt. Parties have become brands.  Leaders must do well in de media.  It is about storytelling and one-liners.  Maybe ideology is relevant when governing but less relevant during campaign. Campaigning became permanent.  Government is watching reviews in the media all the time and watching the polls.  The government policy was very short term driven.

Pressure groups became important to demand solutions for specific causes.  From time to time they doing political parties or try to become a political party.  The young generation fulfill an important role.  But nowadays the fifty-plus group and the senior citizens also have specific demands.

Political parties are not only active via their website, Face book and Twitter.   But face to face contact has become more important too.  This is called the ground battle. In some instances political parties operate like churches.  They teach the world according to them.

This permanent campaign requires a lot of talent and so money.  This makes political parties furnable for infiltration.  The total effect is that democracy is challenged. Democracy must be reinvented.

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