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Finishing up topics of last week

Last week we discussed several issues. There is some unfinished business I will try to finish, so we can start a new track.

Some of you asked if I am in ICT. No, I am not in ICT. Part of my profile is strategic management and change management. I am interested in what ICT does, how it changes how we work and how it changes society. I am a scholar, who is also able to execute. Our motto: is reflection in action.

Last Thursday 22 March 2012 I gave a presentation on the Knowledge Zone Curacao.

Foto by: Mariano Heyden

An article on the K-zone you can find here. "The creation of the Knowledge Zone of Curaçao: the power of a vision", Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Vol. 10 Iss: 1, pp.52 - 64.

The K-Zone is not only a vision but also a reality. The only thing that K-Zone partners need to do is to connect and look for synergy. These pictures below illustrate my point. Developments are taking place right now. And this is only the beginning.

K-Zone: Jan Noorduynweg, Veeris, Piscadera, Otrobanda.

A few months ago the creative class shared ideas in the first TEDx even in Kura Hulanda at Brionplein.

 The International Film Festival will attract the global creative class to the K-Zone.

Ctex is constructing a international data center. This will attract the ICT creative class and improve the ICT infrastructure. And this will appeal to the international creative class. 

 A baseball Campus will be constructed near the Airport to accommodate the athletes, part of the international creative class. 

Carmabi in constructing a new research center to accommodate the researchers, part of the global creative class.

The creative class loves spots like Starbucks. Now located in the K-Zone.

The road of the K-Zone, near the Jan Noorduynweg, is being constructed. For now I will drop the subject of the K-Zone.

The ICT masterplan of Curacao, I blogged about last week.  Will be updated in May 2012.  It has now been removed from the internet.

We have a new Minister of Education for Curacao. On Friday the Minister resigned. Maybe It was the blog on education of the day before that made him resign?

Runy Calemera wrote me on the One Laptop Per Child.  Just to refresh your memory: For years there is 13 million guilders on the government budget to provide very child on the island with a laptop and still this has not happened.

Check the Antilliaansdagblad of 24 Janaury 2010. And even of 2 October 2010. But check this publication dated 2008. Also see the next video.

One of the professionals in my network, Runy Calmera, pointed me to the following video on OLPC in Uruguay.

His question is: Why don't we ask Uruguay to assist us? We want to integrate in the region, right? My answer: I do not know. And my opinion: Whatever works.

But I found out that Runy Calmera himself is qualified to implement the OLPC project in Curacao. And also Urso Wieske, a local, who still works in the Netherlands can assist. Why don't we ask them to implement the project? Or any other any local professional with a track record, who wants to contribute to the development of the island, especially our youth and has a passion to do so?

Maybe this is the challenge for the new Minister of Education of Curacao. Implement OLPC in a year. This will go down in history.

In the next blog we will focus more on the corporate governance. If you have any comment, observation or question, let me know. And remember: Soon this service will be for members only. So, become a member.

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