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Documents and Good Governance

Suppose today is your first day on the job as a manager (CEO) or overseer. What documents would you request to study, to get a picture of the governance of the organization?

I believe that a manager and overseer should dispose of the following documents:

The bylaws of the organization

Laws and regulations regulating the business

The contracts of management, including the targets

The business plan or strategic plan, including the mission and vision of the organization

The audited year reports of the last two years, including the balance sheet

The bank statements

The quarterly figures of the last four periods

The year plan

The budget, including an investment plan

The HRM plan, including and organizational chart, CAO and a training plan

The ICT plan

The marketing plan, including a branding strategy

Reorganization plan

Sometimes there are valid reasons why some of these plans are not made.

As a new manager (CEO) you should study these documents and discuss them with your managers individually and in your management team meeting. Based on this exercise you come up with your plan.

As member of the board of overseers you study these plans. In the board there are specialists for the different areas. The specialists study the plan for their area of expertise in depth. If necessary, the board should bring in outside specialists. Afterwards the board discusses all the plans in a board meeting. The CEO should be invited to explain the plans.

An operational audit is an instrument of the CEO to look for room to improve the efficiency in operations of the organization.

What do you think? Which documents would you want to see the first day on the job? Why would you order an operational audit?

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