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Curacao is creating a real estate and traffic problem

At this moment in December 2012 two big shopping malls are being constructed.  At the same time there is empty space in the downtown world heritage area. Based on the trends I see, this will lead to problems.  On Curaçao there is too much Mortar and Bricks, but the future is e-Commerce.  We are not in sync with the trends.  A possible solution for this problem will be to convert commercial buildings into housing for starters and students.  Part of this problem is the empty schools.  The number of school kids has dropped, so these schools have become obsolete. These schools should not remain empty. They deteriorate.  I suggest to start incubators for starting businesses.

This all illustrates that the generation who calls the shots is formatted in the industrial age.  If we look at the virtual part of Curaçao developments are slow.  Although lately some apps have been developed ( and a three-dimensionalprinter ( has been put on the market.

If one takes a look at the December 2012 government agreement document ( there is no attention of the information society.  But I am convinced that sooner or later a member of the elite, business, politics or any other, will step up to the plate and will be the spokesperson or storyteller of the information society of Curacao. Up till then I will continue to advocate the information society.

The information society is "The Wold is Flat".  This is the title of the book by Thomas Friedman (2005). The interesting thought is that in the information society deprived youth have a chance to be successful.  They might develop the next big app. ICT is a tool to fight poverty.  It is teaching people to fish and not to give them a meal.

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