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As manager and overseer you know that ICT in the wider environment of your organization is key.  I have mentioned on previous blogs that the ICT in Curacao is not competetive enough.  Now I hear you think: Develop a national strategic plan for ICT for the island, just like for example Singapore.  What you do not know is that we already have such a masterplan for years. It was published in 2009. Here it is.  If you never have heard of it, do not feel embarrased.  Many people never have heard of it.  Maybe that is why not much has happened regarding the implementation.

Yesterday I blogged about the One Laptop Per Child. This plan is waiting more than five years for implementation.  I aslo spoke on the vision for Curacao: Vishon Korsou.  Also this strategy was never implemented. We are also still discussing on the issues of the refinary and het new hospital. And the list goes on and on.

If we really want to develop the creative economy we need to start updating these plans quick and implement them swiftly.

Look at the story of Singapore. I visited Singapore to study their case.

Once again: we have a problem with Governance of Change. Do you want more proof? 

After years of guiding changes I wrote this soon to be published article.

The problem in Curacao is that we do not listen to the right people and we do not get the right people involved.  We think that our friend can do the job too.  We do not need experts.

What do you think?

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