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20 January 2013

The day is 20 January 2013.  It is a Sunday.  A day before the inauguration of the second term of President Obama.  Another day we do not have news from Cuba on the health of President Chaves.  The day after the Interim Government got the budget for 2013 approved by parliament.  I am happy to report that a letter I co-wrote stopped the increase of sales tax on computers. The carnival season is heating up.  It is the day before I start the Talkshow 3.0 on the local radio station Z86 from 15:00 till 17:00, for three months.  The reason I am starting this is because I have no job and I can make another effort to move Curacao from 2.0 to 3.0. One of the reason we are moving backward towards 1.0 is not only that people who have nothing to contribute speak more than those who have.  But also because many well prepared people do not speak up and share what they know.

Yesterday I went shopping.  There was not much commercial activity.  One can no longer ignore the fact that Curacao is depressed.  But there are new beginnings.  Young creative people are doing their projects and enjoying their youth.  We will create Curacao 3.0.

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