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Part of the wider environment of the organization is the labour force.  As very manager and overseer knows, education is directly related to labour force.  On pervious blog I have mentioned that, the worker is the most valuable asset in the creative economy.  This is especially true on a small island with no other resources as Curacao.

Due to changes in technology and globalization the paradigm on education must change too. See the next video.

Curacao has produced world class scholars. See here.

These talents are not nesesary result of the educational system. The educational system of Curacao is a misfit.  See the following article in Dutch.

For years on a global level there is this movement called: One laptop Per Child (OLPC). See the following video.

Some people in Curacao have started this project locally over five years ago. There are three pilot schools. There are millions allocated on the budget. But still in five years this project is not implemented?  Why?  Because people, especially politicians do not concider this a priority?  The priority is changing names of schools and other institutions?  But can you imagen what it would mean if every child in Curacao had a laptop?

I am not intrested in playing the blaming game.  What I want is for us to implement this project in 12 months.  It can be done.

This will not be the last blog on the topic of education.

I hope you will join us tonight in a dialogue.

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