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31 December 2012

It is the last day of the year.  The day that the new government of Curaçao is sworn is.  But also the day that Mariano Heijden invited me in is talk show Prespektiva to review the year 2012. I foresaw such a moment at the beginning of the month.  So let me have a look at my notes of 5 December 2012.  It has been a long year.  A lot happened.  I am not true reflecting.  And looking at the events ahead I do not think we will find the time to reflect.  So let us do the best we can.

So it was the years of the elections. The biggest uncertainty is Venezuela.  It all depends of the health of President Chavez.

We are still dealing with the global financial crisis.  Part of it is the Euro crisis.

We are dealing with our local crisis.

We are totally out of touch with the world.

Olympics was lost in all the stress caused by the crisis. But we will remember Churandy running for the Netherlands.

We lost Whitney Houston to the stars. There will never be a voice like hers.

December was slow.  The people have changed. This is the effect of years of beating by populist.

In the end Mariano and I ended talking about the topic of my blog on anti-intellectualism and the fact that many intellectuals are put aside.

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