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Reflection in action

Dear Boardroom Members,

In the realm of modern corporate governance, it is imperative for companies to proactively address rapid changes, risks, and opportunities. As an essential component, an annual report must include a dedicated section on social responsibilities. To ensure the sustainability and responsible conduct of organizations, the following principles should guide all future plans:

  • Anticipate the impact of climate change

  • Embrace inclusiveness and diversity

  • Contribute to reducing societal inequality

  • Establish a fair remuneration system

It is crucial to recognize that (supervisory) board members will eventually be held accountable for these matters. Therefore, what we offer through our services is not merely a luxury but a mandatory requirement for responsible organizations.

In the fast-paced world we inhabit today, organizations that fail to adapt run the risk of falling behind. Amidst the chaotic transition fueled by the pandemic, technological advancements, and various other change drivers, it becomes imperative to reflect upon your organization's past and current objectives to maintain a competitive edge.

This is precisely where Reflection In Action (RIA) comes into play. With more than 30 years of experience in strategic issues and a specialized focus on working with small island societies like Curacao, we possess the expertise to guide your organization in the right direction.

Miguel Goede, our esteemed founder, is a leading thinker in the realm of Society 5.0—an envisioning of the future society. Collaborating with you, we will delve into your organization's aims and objectives, delivering a concise paper (two to three pages) that outlines our conclusions. This document will serve as a valuable tool for your organization and stakeholders, aiding in adjustments and preparations for the future.

Our process involves studying your public information, scrutinizing your plans and annual reports, and engaging in conversations with three members of your organization. Within two weeks of approving the assignment, we will present you with the paper and remain available for comprehensive discussions regarding our findings.

Throughout our analysis, we will strive to answer pivotal questions, including: Who are you? Where do you currently stand? What journey have you undertaken? Where are you headed? What are the next steps required for progress?

Investing in RIA's services is an investment in your organization's future. The fee for this service amounts to NAf. 5,500.

Do not allow your organization to lag behind in the ever-changing landscape of today. Take action today by completing the form provided on this webpage.


Miguel Goede, PhD

Strategy Consultant



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