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The Delicate Art of Dissent in a Post-Colonial Society

The Delicate Art of Dissent in a Post-Colonial Society


January 31, 2024


Effective dissent is a nuanced dance, finding harmony in both time and place. It spans the spectrum from small gatherings to nationwide protests, from social media posts to national statements—a delicate scale that starts small and scales up. Yet, imbalance can breed adverse effects. Silence, at times, becomes a subtle form of dissent, but its impact hinges on equilibrium. In the context of Curacao, this silence is sometimes an act of cowardice—courdism. The combination of silence and non-violence, however, emerges as a potent form of dissent. In navigating this post-colonial landscape, Curaçao grapples with the delicate balance of expressing dissent. Often, the journey unfolds from silence to verbal and passive aggression, even threatening real aggression. Even when the prevailing viewpoint triumphs, moral authority is lost, casting shadows on the complexities of dissent in this society.




Miguel Goede

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