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The Courage to Stand Against Bullying

The Courage to Stand Against Bullying


March 20, 2024


Last week, a harrowing reminder of the destructive force of bullying surfaced when a high school student attempted to take their own life. Bullying, often defined and described, remains incomprehensible to those who have not experienced its torment firsthand. It is a vicious cycle that not only leaves survivors with deep scars but also permeates every corner of society, from schools to workplaces and even online platforms.

Contrary to popular belief, bullying isn't confined to childhood; its insidious presence lingers into adulthood, manifesting in various forms such as character assassination and the exclusion of dissenting voices. One of the most disheartening aspects of bullying is the silence that often accompanies it, even from those who consider themselves friends. However, some brave souls refuse to be intimidated into submission amidst the deafening silence.

These courageous individuals, who stand alone for what they believe is right, deserve our utmost respect and admiration. They embody the essence of democracy, where dissent is tolerated and celebrated. Their unwavering resolve to speak out against injustice, despite facing ridicule and ostracization, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

They are the unsung heroes who challenge the status quo, provoke thought, and pave the way for positive change. Their actions serve as a beacon of hope in a world often overshadowed by darkness. Let us stand in solidarity with them, amplifying their voices and supporting their cause. For in their courage lies the true essence of democracy – the freedom to dissent and the power to effect change.

Miguel Goede

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