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Tatiana Saturnino-Felix

I am proud of all my students.  Some are more special than others. All are part of the creative class of Curaçao.  They are all over the world. Australia, Singapore, Amsterdam, LA.

Tatiana stands out.  She was so bright that she was always into  something and that ended up in my office as Dean.  One day she took off and got married and lived in New York.  She is married to Pernell Saturnino the world best percussionist, and he is born in Curaçao. We always stayed in contact.  Then they popped up in The Netherlands.  And suddenly they were back on the island.

Pernell added the Cola Debrot Award to his impressive list of awards, including several Gammies.  But what was Tatie doing, besides supporting him?  And then suddenly, via social media and then via traditional media the news came out. Tatie was making instruments, drums.  The instrument that Pernell masters.  She was becoming an international success.  She was using Pernell's network and the internet, especially social media.

The case of Tatiana proves many points.  First of all her talent.  She is one of the many talents we have on the islands.  Contrary to many she was persistent. Both of them belong to the creative class. It proves that operating from Curaçao, using the internet you can reach a global market. They are global citizens.  Pernell plays all over the world.

I waited with this blog because Tatiana was getting all sorts of recognition in the media and I thought she could wait for mine recognition.  But knowing her she will be very happy to know how proud I am of her.

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