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Reflections on Democracy and Social Diversity

Reflections on Democracy and Social Diversity


January 25, 2024


In the ever-changing landscape of our society, the evolution of democracy and individualism has brought about a remarkable transformation. If we take a moment to reflect, a picture from a century ago reveals a world where men and women dress uniformly, adhering to societal standards. Fast forward to the present, and we find ourselves in a diverse and fluid reality where anything goes.

Consider a recent scene where the substitute governor of Curaçao swore in a member of parliament. The siblings accompanying him wore pants with holes, and the governor herself donned sandals. The absence of traditional standards is evident in fashion and other aspects of our daily lives, notably in traffic. Unpredictability reigns as drivers exhibit a range of behaviors, from sudden stops in the middle of the street to parking on sidewalks and running red lights.

This lack of standardized behavior extends to the realm of sex and gender, once categorized simply as female, male, and homosexual. Today, the spectrum of identities continues to expand. While observing these changes, it is essential to acknowledge that this fluidity represents the evolution of individualism, offering both benefits and challenges. Youngsters and children, especially, may feel confused as they navigate a world where norms are evolving, leading them to create their own understanding.

To illustrate further, government agencies had to close down a restaurant last week due to hygiene violations. They had to clean up and could reopen in a few days. In a startling move, the restaurant owner called ministers in the weekly meeting of the board of ministers and persuaded them to order civil servants to expedite the reopening of his restaurant. The options created by those involved were unheard of.

On the positive side, celebrating individual freedom and expression has contributed to a more inclusive and diverse society. However, the downside lies in the potential confusion it may create, particularly for children and young people growing up in this complex environment. The surge in mental health issues among the youth may be attributed, in part, to the challenges posed by navigating a world with almost limitless variations in identity and expression.

While there may be no easy solution to these complexities, it is worth considering the advantages of simplifying certain aspects of our lives. Encouraging understanding and open dialogue within our communities can foster a sense of unity amid diversity. By embracing a middle ground that values individuality while maintaining a shared foundation of standards and principles, we may find a balance that benefits society as a whole.


Miguel Goede

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