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President Obama, climate change and more

The inauguration speech of Predident Obama, held on 21 January 2013, will be studied for year. What the message for us?  It is about peace. About huma rights.  But also about climat change an technology. Climate change will impact the island, but it is not on the agenda. It is not discussed during the debate on budget 2013.  We are only focusing on the current crisis.  We did not discuss the technology in the K-Zone.  A good thing the the partners send a letter on sales tax exemption on ICT technology.  We need a 3.0 agenda and plan.

Some expert predict that parts of downtown, the Unesco world heritage will be under water as a consequence of the rise of the sea level.  Our coral reefs are already affected. We must act now. Obama also stated that everybody must contribute and be part of the solution of all the issues on the agenda. It is about inclusion and not wasting talents.

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