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Leadership and management

All problems in Curacao are leadership and management problems. Management is doing things right, and leadership is doing the right thing. Boeli van Leeuwen once said, in Curacao we are all chiefs and no Indians.

Leadership is the process in influencing people and providing an environment for them to achieve team or organizational objectives. Everybody is a leader. At least of their personal life.  Others are leaders of the nation.

Are leaders born or trainer? Both, leadership is developed. Leaders create leaders. They can leave tomorrow because their successor is ready to takeover. There is a saying is: a good leader is also a good follower

Leadership is this relationship between the leader and his followers.  Without followers,  there is no leadership.

There is no one best style of leadership; leadership is situational. It dependence on the follower.

Why do people need leaders? It is human nature.

Leadership in Curacao

Strengths and room for improvement of leaders in Curacao

What were the factors that influenced the Leadership in Curacao

Recent trends in leadership in Curacao

The  future leadership in Curacao

The profile of the future leadership in Curacao

How to develop new leadership for Curacao

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