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Knowledge Zone Curacao

Curacao is developing a knowledge sector.  Part of the strategy is to develop the K-Zone.

The K-Zone is a physical zone in Curaçao, and offers partnering opportunities to public, private, and civil society and a platform to come together and form joint ventures for new projects. The direct effect of this is achieving innovantions, more effectiveness and efficiency. An additional effect would be reducing the economic vulnerability that results from being a small island economy, since Curacao an organization can form one cooperating hub in the Caribbean region. Furthermore, having an area known as the Knowledge Zone, in which knowledge-intensive organizations hold office, can attract and maintain human capital.

However, having this K-Zone does not necessarily imply a successful way for achieving development goals. It is required to further explore the underlying issues on which the project is based, such as the economic structure, trade flows, migration flows and policies. Also, SIDS that encounter the same economic problems as Curacao have developed their own strategies. What do they look like and can inspiration be drawn from their best practices? The main problem statement would be the extent to which this K-Zone can contribute to the development of a sustainable economy on Curaçao.

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