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Introduction Caribbean SIDS 3.0

In February 2011, I published my book Curacao 3.0. It was the collocation of my blogs of 2012 on the development in Curacao. The book was remarkably well received and brought the discussion of transforming Curacao to a whole new level. In the meanwhile, I started on 1 December 2012 my new serie of blogs on Caribbean SIDS 3.0 in English because I wanted to communicate with the region.

One of the first to read Curacao 3.0 was the journalist Dick Drayer. One of is questions was why I did not write a peer review article on the subject. Part of my answer was that I wanted to reach a much broader audience.

In SIDS 3.0 I want to reach the Caribbean. The islands have much to learn from eachother. There are similarities and differences. There are Best Practices and lessons to be learned from failures. The fact is that the island are inward looking or looking principal within their cultural groups. There are no Anglo Caribbean, Spanish Caribbean, French Caribbean and Dutch Caribbean. There are the Caribbean.

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