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Facing Challenges Together

Facing Challenges Together


May 7, 2024


As I sit here, early in the morning, thoughts about work are interrupted. First, by the news that on May 4th, the dams weren't breached, but were overrun by the abnormal amount of rain, washing away beautiful beaches and nearly an entire national park. Then, I remember an article stating that many people are losing hope in the island, and the group is growing, structurally unable to save it. Fortunately, tourism is growing, but if we can't prepare our people for these jobs, it's like carrying water to the sea.

Then, I think about Rutger Bregman's book "Morele Ambitie" (Moral Ambition). The book encourages us to make a difference and not to feel powerless. Even as individuals, we can make a difference, but if we join hands, we can turn the tide. The water is sending us a message that the challenges are enormous, and only by working together can we make a difference. I'm willing to collaborate, are you?

Miguel Goede

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