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Dissent Fuels Democracy: Nurturing Horizontal Connections

Dissent Fuels Democracy: Nurturing Horizontal Connections


March 27, 2024


The stability of a democracy is determined by its interconnections and its horizontal ties. It's about coexistence, collaboration, and mutual support. On this platform, there exists a potential state where these ties flourish. However, these connections have been fragmented by government and market forces. Yet, my hope persists because in recent months, I've encountered more individuals and organizations who understand the need to mend this fragmentation by uniting on a platform.

On such a platform, everyone rises, without the constraints of markets or government. Many are currently collaborating on an innovation platform, a geographical location serving as both a living lab and a shared public space where individuals can pursue their own endeavors. The journey ahead is long, but it's not just about reaching a destination; it's about the transformative process itself.

The most significant innovation lies in the social innovation it embodies. Collaboration, especially on our island, is a true innovation, echoing the spirit of Boeli van Leeuwen's ingenious anarchists (geniale anarchie), though I harbor doubts about the 'genius' aspect. This narrative also echoes the moral ambition of Rutger Bregman; people are not only ambitious for material wealth, power, and status but also driven by the ambition to contribute positively to society―moral ambition.

Miguel Goede

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