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De 3.0 test

3.0 persoon

Heb je internet thuis?

Heb je een emailadres?

Check je jouw email ieder halfuur?

Heb je een smartphone

Heb je een tablet

Ben je op social media?

Heb je een Facebook account?

Heb je een Twitter account?

Heb je een website?

Ververs je de inhoud dagelijks?

Doe je aan ebanking?

Ga je meer dan 4 keer per jaar een bank binnen?

Doe je aan eshopping?

Gebruik je Skype dagelijks?

Heb je een Dropbox?

Lees je wel eens een ebook?

Lees je de krant online?

Gebruik je

3.0 Organization

Is your organization online?

Do you check the content of your website daily?

Do you monitor and analyse the hits of your website?

Do can people mail you via the website?

Do you answer all your emails?

Do you really offer products and services on the website?

Are you on Facebook?

Do you really use Facebook ?

Do you have a business card?

Do you brand your website on your business card?

Are all members in the organization on the internet?

Do all members have a smartphone ore tablet?

Do you train your personel?

Are you in the cloud?

Do you have a strategy based on the internet?

Are you a corporate citizen?

Does the organization blog?

Are you involved with the youth?

Are you green?

3.0 society

Is the internet penetration 95% or more?

Is the internet a human right ?

Is telecom company a utility company or a private company?

Do all citizens have an email?

Do all citizens have smartphone?

Is the speed of the internet competitive?

One laptop per child

Is more than 50 % of the population higher educated?

Is more than 50% of the energy green?

Are all the big databases connected?

Is there e government?

Is there e healthcare?

Is there master of ICT program?

Are the telecom tariffs competitive?

Are there incubators available?

Is there a privacy policy

Are ICT product tax free?

Do you protect nature?

Do you have a brain gain?

Do you promote arts ans sports?

Are there more than one research centers?

Is there a technology research program ?

Is there a ICT economic sector?

Is there a ICT minister appointed?

3.0 additions

Is there an ICT masterplan?

Is there a masterplan?

Is there governance legislation?

Is corruption low?

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