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Curacao (2.0) is obsolete

On Saturday 15 December 2012 the depot for fireworks in Curacao exploded. Three persons were killed and four others were seriously injured.  Fire department controlled the fire very rapidly with the scarce resources they have.  Report on the situation of the depot in 2001 already stated that de depot should be closed and a new one in another location must be constructed. These recommendation were never executed due to the financial position of the government.  It became apparent that for some time now the coordination body during disaster had no personnel.

On next night day my son suddenly had to go to the hospital.  We spoke with is doctor on the phone.  She is one of the best.  Should could tell what was happening and directed us to the emergency department of the hospital. I will spare you the details, but from a critical perspective, all the personal could be much more professional.  We arrived at nine-thirty in the evening and he was in his hospital room after one o'clock in de morning.  I arrived home three o'clock in the morning after giving a patient a ride home, because he had no transportation to get back to his house.

On Monday a friend mailed we this blog in Dutch on the car certification in Curacao.( A person describes how confussing the business process is.

On Monday Taams clinic calls around nine in the morning.  My mother gets an appointment at one.  We arrive fifteen minutes before that time.  After an hour and a half she is seen by the doctor. It took over two hours.

When I go back to the hospital and want to pay for parking, I find that the parking machine is broken.  I have to walk to another machine.

Om Tuesday 18 December 2012 I call the dentist to find out if they accept my government insurance company (BZV).  They do not because the pay of the dentist is always very late de to the financial situation of the government.

Mind you Curacao is an island that has the ambition to offer Health Care Tourism.  The main ingredient is there: we have very good trained doctors and professionals.  But the system is 2.0.  Just not good enough.

What I write here are systems 2.0 dysfunctions I see all the time.  It takes no effort to see this.

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