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Crisis Curacao 2.0

On 25 February 2013, Elections in Italy. Many fear that this will worsen the crisis in Europe.  Crisis in Chinese consistent of two symbols: danger and opportunity. In this segment concentrates on the crisis on Curacao.

“The Chinese word for "crisis" (simplified Chinese: 危机;traditional Chinese: 危機;pinyin: wēijī; Wade–Giles:wei-chi) is frequently invoked in motivational speaking along with the statement that the two characters it is composed of represent"danger" and "opportunity." Some[who?]Western linguists consider this analysis fallacious,arguing that the character jī alone does not necessarily mean"opportunity."” (,Accessed on 25 February 2013)

So it is an affable anecdote. This  part is about the crisis, later on the “opportunities”will be looked at.

From 2013,  Curacao is going through the  Constitutional changes that, started at 10 0ctober 2010. There are   other crisis happing simultaneously.

Financial crisis.  Curacao is   a severe financial crisis.   an enormous budget deficit and expense cutting is unavoidable and so are taxincreases and pension reforms.

Economic crisis. The Financial crisis worsened the economic crisis. For years,  Curacao has not known significant  . The Caribbean region has done better than Curacao.

Social crisis. The economic crisis has worsened the social crisis. Many citizens are unemployed or earn a remarkably low wage.

Healthcare crisis. The reforms in this sector have been postponed for years, and now reforms are unavoidable.

Political crisis. The constitutional changes, starting in 2005, let to enormous political changes.  Populist presented themselves on the scene with success. The relationship between politician and political parties became hostile.  Certain  no longer possible.

Governance crisis. The political crisis led to a governance crisis. Many all members of the Supervisory Boards were fired and also the CEOs were fired.  This weakened all institutions in the new country

Ecological crisis. This crisis has been in the making since the arrival of the oil refinery in 1914. This crisis has been become acute.

Crime is rising and has become brutal. Unemployment is high, especially the youth unemployment.

Some of the causes of the crises are global. There is the Global Financial crisis that started in 2008 and there is the Euro crisis. If one digs deeper, one finds another possible cause is the erosion of values and norms. It is stated  that greed has led to the financial crisis.

The reality is the society is in crisis. Organizations are crisis. Managers  changes of markets and also governance issues. Families are in  crisis. This is illustrated by the high number of incidence domestic violence. Many individuals are in crisis of all sorts.

A positive look at the crisis is that this is the adjustment to the next level of globalization. National systems are integrated in a global system. This might be the case, but global governance is required to make this happen.Global governance on the issue of climate change and the Millennium Development Goals do not look real promising.

These crises did not happen overnight.  Finding the caused and root causes is not an easy task, but while we study and discuss the causes we can take some actions.  One suggestion is to start sharing. Share whatever one can share. Help whoever one can help.

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