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Choices and Consequences: A Tale of Two Sons of Curaçao

Choices and Consequences: A Tale of Two Sons of Curaçao


April 27, 2024


Yesterday, two sons of Curaçao made headlines around the world. Ozzie Albes saw his documentary premiere in Atlanta. Titled "Always Believe," it's a testament to his journey and success.

In the south, in Brazil, another son of the island was arrested as a major drug lord. He's also a millionaire, like Ozzie, but through leading a large drug export organization that ships millions worth of narcotics, especially to Europe. The man must possess remarkable talent to orchestrate such operations.

Both men hail from the same neighborhood, Koral Specht. I wouldn't be surprised if they knew each other and maybe even played baseball together as children. Undeniably, they both have talent on a global scale. The crucial difference is that one operates within the bounds of the law, while the other engages in heavily illegal activities. Strangely, both are viewed as role models. Many aspire to follow in Ozzie's footsteps. This week, a 13-year-old talent signed a million-dollar contract with the Texas Rangers. While it's commendable, I find it concerning that a child is tied to such commitments by their parents.

But why do some young people still choose the second path, that of organized crime? The path of top sports isn't an easy one, contrary to popular belief. If that path disappears, what's left? The path of education and hard work seems obvious, but it's not as simple as it appears. Too many young people excel in school but, lacking connections, struggle to find opportunities. For those who still aspire to build a successful career, the allure of international crime becomes hard to resist. Many barriers stand in the way of a young person leading a decent life. In this context, improving education and the job market becomes crucial.

Yesterday, I couldn't help but think about the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

Miguel Goede

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