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Happy New Year.  We are expected to be optimistic and positive.  A new government took office 31 December 2012. We know that we are in a middle of a crisis and that policies will affect us and that the economy is in bad shape. On top of that the health of president Chavez is of great concern. This makes the future even more uncertain.

On 31 December I celebrated my birthday. Very quite with my family. After an interview by Mariano Heyden on radio Z86. It was the best birthday celebration ever.  Especially because I received so many good wishes from Facebook friends.  Very soon after the new year started I placed a New Year's wish on Facebook. I did not expect any reaction.  To my surprise many friend replied. I want them to know that they saved me from depression, because I do not perceivea bright 2013. But with so many friends, I know we pull true.

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