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Posted on April 7, 2013 at 1:50 PM

"The politics of Antigua and Barbuda take place within a framework of a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic monarchy, in which the Head of State is the Monarch who appoints the Governor General as vice-regal representative. Elizabeth II is the present Queen of Antigua and Barbuda, having served in that position since the islands' independence from the United Kingdom in 1981."

Tourism dominates the economy, accounting for more than half of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Antigua is famous for its many luxury resorts. Weak tourist activity since early 2000 has slowed the economy, however, and squeezed the government into a tight fiscal corner.

Investment banking and financial services also make up an important part of the economy. Major world banks with offices in Antigua include the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Scotia Bank. Financial-services corporations with offices in Antigua include PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has accused the Antigua-based Stanford International Bank, owned by Texas billionaire Allen Stanford, of orchestrating a huge fraud which may have bilked investors of some $8 billion.[5] (check status 20100312)

The twin-island nation's agricultural production is focused on its domestic market and constrained by a limited water supply and a labor shortage stemming from the lure of higher wages in tourism and construction work.

Manufacturing is made up of enclave-type assembly for export, the major products being bedding, handicrafts and electronic components. Prospects for economic growth in the medium term will continue to depend on income growth in the industrialized world, especially in the United States, from which about one-third of all tourists come.

Following the opening of the American University of Antigua College of Medicine by investor and attorney Neil Simon in 2003, a new source of revenue was established. The university employs many local Antiguans and the approximate 1000 students consume a large amount of the goods and services."  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antigua_and_Barbuda#Economy, Accessed on 7 April 2013)

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Reply Miguel Goede
7:49 AM on April 8, 2013 
Terrance Peterson 3 centuries of poverty. The Valley Financial Center has turned this around.
15 hours ago · Like
Miguel Goede Wat bedoel je Terrance Peterson?
15 hours ago via mobile · Like
Terrance Peterson Anguilla is erg gelieerd aan mijn voorouders. Ben trots op deze eiland. Maar er waren periodes van hongersnood ook door de droogte. Bezoek het altijd als ik op SXM ben.De financiele dienstverlening: Off-shores, Trustmaatschappijen,belastingvoordelen ba...See More
15 hours ago · Like
Miguel Goede wat is the secret of their success?
15 hours ago · Like
Terrance Peterson Zij bleven met een direkte staatskundige binding met Engeland.(Overseas Territories) na de oorlog met St.Kitts.Zij krijgen studiemogelijkheden en steun. Schrik niet als ik je zeg wat de grootste voordeel is: they speak ENGLISH fluently wat in de internationale financiele sektor heel belangrijk is. Ik zie dat Curacao zo snel mogelijk dit moeten gaan implenteren. Onze hele IT en Internet is op deze taal gebaseerd
14 hours ago · Unlike · 1
Joseph Hart AT LAST I hear what I've been saying for years! Here's the evidence. Can we do this? Of course we can! Nothing to it! Here's not the place to explain. Believe me, it is possible. Easier than Dutch, because Dutch does not really LIVE in our community, but English does: TV, movies, banking, off-shore, international finance, shipping. HELLO? Am I making sense??
11 hours ago · Unlike · 1
Miguel Goede We should talk to the policymakers.
11 hours ago via mobile · Like
Joseph Hart That was about language. The other issue is creating the digital school. Not something to discuss in a hurry on FB. But I can always copy-paste one of my articles on the subject for you guys to read. I think (hope) that FINALLY the time is ripe for these innovations, which are no longer innovations, but lost opportunities.
11 hours ago · Unlike · 1
Terrance Peterson The English language and computer technology are the first items to add to our educational system.The only way to advance.
8 hours ago · Unlike · 1