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Currently Miguel is leading the University of Governance and Goede Consultants.

2016 - 2017 CEO VPCO schoolboard.

In December 2014 Dr. Goede started the "End Year Conference" and the Award 3.0

Dr. Miguel Goede is a scientist, strategist and a management consultant.  His area of research is Good Governance for Sustainable Development of Globalizing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean. 

In November 2014 he was the keynote speaker for Step into Leadership in Suriname.

From 2010 till 2011 Dr. Miguel Goede was Rector Magnificus of the University of the Netherlands Antilles, now the University of Curacao. From 2009 till 2010 he was the Dean of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. From 2005 till 2006 he was the Dean of the School of Business. He was a board member of Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity Institute (Carmabi) for four years till 2010.

He created the university professorial chair:
He co-created several other university professorial chairs:
  • Good Governance (UNA, 2005)
  • Sustainable Technology (UNA, 2007)
  • Sociology (UNA, 2009)
  • Creative Society (UNA, 2009)

He has more than forty publications in his name. The governments in the Dutch Kingdom frequently solicit his advice as well as the private sector and NGOs.

He studied Public Administration and Political Science from 1981 till 1987 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He worked as policy adviser to the island government of Curacao from 1987 till 1993. In 1993 he joined Arthur Andersen till 2001, and became responsible for the Dutch Caribbean consultancy market . In 2001 he left the firm to start his own consultancy company: Goede Consultants. In 2005 he obtained his Ph.D. in Public Administration at the University of Brabant, the Netherlands.

In 1997 he started the project "2020: Creating the Caribbean Future", creating a vision for Cura?ao. A project that is still alive today. In 1998 he was the architect of the national visioning project of Curacao , called Vishon Korsou. Part of these projects is the Wendel Girigori Change Award to recognize those who contributed to the realization of the 2020 vision.

In the 1990s he was project leader of "Reinventing Government of the Netherlands Antilles" and "Reinventing Government Curacao ".

In 2004 he started the "Curacao leadership Forum" to develop ethical leadership.

In 2005 he was the Chairmen of the Referendum Committee of Curacao for the referendum to decide the constitutional future of the island.

In 26th October 2008 he was invited to evaluate the functioning of the UNESCO Netherlands Antilles by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the associate membership of the Netherlands Antilles of UNESCO. The conclusion was that the Netherlands Antilles were very successful in the areas of Education and Culture. He recommended that the Netherlands Antilles should embrace its SIDS status and focus more on Science. In October 2009 he joined the delegation of the Netherlands Antilles participating at the 35th General Assembly of UNESCO where the new strategy was successfully implemented.

In 2009 he was invited by the Ministers of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands to design the organizations of the Attorney General of the future countries Curacao, St. Maarten.

He is currently involved in the ICT Platform of Curacao, updating the government policy to facilitate the knowledge and creative society of Curacao: ICT Master Plan. This is a project of the Minister of Telecommunications of the Netherlands. Antilles.

He is also involved in the final assessment of the new to be born countries Curacao and St. Maarten (2010).

On the Singapore River

His preferred research method for studying globalization is attending international conferences, especially in emerging markets. He recently visited Suriname (2005), Costa Rica (2005), Peru (2006). Bogota (2006), Ireland (2008), Singapore (2008), Leiden (2009), Berlin (2009), Paris (2009), St. Maarten, St. Eustatius (February 2010), Trinidad (March 2010), Amsterdam (April 2010), Tilburg (April 2010), Nijmegen (April 2010), Mumbai (India) (2010), Guadeloupe (2011), Jamaica (2011), Haiti (2016), Bahamas (2017).

In front of Gateway of India



Dr. Miguel Goede is the founder and President of the "Netherlands Antilles and Aruba Association of Public Administration".

He recently started the Knowledge Zone of Curacao. The ?UNA 2020 vision? covers a period of ten years, in which one anticipates on project developments yet to be implemented. For example, think about the construction of a new hospital, possibly at Groot Piscadera, with which the university of course will seek cooperation. Eventually, the co-operations will have to be interpreted in an economical advantage. For instance, a cooperation already exists with the nurse training IFE, whereby mutual use is made of classrooms. Bringing new life to the medical faculty also has an important meaning here.

He was the chair of the conference on governance of Small Island Developing States for Sustainable development,  held in March 2011.

He started the virtual University of Governance. The most important Master Class that is offered  in the Master Class Governance 3.0.


Name              :     Miguel Goede

Date of birth    :       1961

Civil Status      :        Married (2 children)

Address         :        Jan Thiel Oost, Curacao

Languages     :        Dutch, English, Papiamentu, Spanish

Education       :       Master Political Science, Public Administration and

                             Organizational behavior, Nijmegen, 1987

                             Doctorate in Public Administration, Tilburg, 2005

 Email           :        mgoede@onenet.an



Work experience

2011 - Now


June 2010 - till 25 of August 2011

Rector Magnificus of the University of the Netherlands Antilles

2009 - June 2010

Dean of the Department of Social and behavior Sciences of the University of the Netherlands Antilles


2005 - till today

Proxies to the chair Good Governance at the University of the Netherlands Antilles


2002 - 2008

Program coordinator Public Administration and  General Management at the University of the Netherlands Antilles


2005 - 2006

Dean of the School of Business at the University of the Netherlands Antilles the Netherlands Antilles and Curacao


1993 - 2001

Director Andersen Business Consulting Dutch Caribbean


1992 - 1993

Department Head of the Bureau Organization & Information of the Island Territory of Curacao

Deputy Head of the  Stafbureau of the Island Territory of Curacao


1988 - 1992

Consultant at the Stafbureau of the Island Territory of Curacao


1987 - 1988

Policy coordinator at the Stafbureau of the Island Territory of Curacao